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Total to install and operate up to 20,000 new EV charging points

Published: 22 January 2020 - Carly Wills

Metropolitan Region Amsterdam Electric (MRA-Electric) has awarded Europe’s largest concession contract for electric vehicles charging to Total. 

Under this agreement, Total will install and operate up to 20,000 new public charging points in the Netherlands, in the three provinces of North-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht. 

This new contract intends to address the fast growing demand for public electric vehicle (EV) charging points in the Netherlands. This EV charging network covers a population of 3.2 million inhabitants and around 15 per cent of the current Netherlands EV charging demand. 

Total Netherlands’ is already the main EV charging operator in the MRA-Electric region, with over 4,500 public charging points under operation and accessible to the public. 

As part of this concession contract, the electricity supplied by Total Netherlands to the EV charging network will be 100 per cent sourced from renewable power and produced in the country. Total Netherlands has additionally pledged to gradually source part of it from the MRA region itself, enabling EV drivers to charge their electric vehicles with locally generated and sustainable energy. Total Netherlands will also study new solar power production opportunities in the MRA region. 

In addition, Total will develop and implement smart charging technologies allowing both a stable grid management at times of high electricity consumption as well as efficient and sustainable charging when cost of energy is more affordable. 

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