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Posts From December, 2011

Remaining positive amongst economic gloom 

21 December 2011 06:51:00 Categories: Comment

After months followed by years of economic gloom and no sign of recovery we all sit in abject fear of further disdain. Though we, here at Electronics strive to remain positive along with all those who put their best foot forward with fighting spirit.
In testimony to this we have covered considerable news on investment into the technology sector from both Government and private funding. Eclipsing this has been much direction towards training and development schemes to bolster education and accessibility of the technology industry to young engineers taking a path in our sector.I

t is to these investments and efforts that will gain footing to elevate us out of the downturn as technology comes to be the very fabric in all our surroundings from the home to industry to every conceivable application.

So ours is an industry that shall endeavour and will continue to inspire and be needed as it goes from strength to strength. So we can at least see positivity in the fact that our sector produces solutions the world cannot do without.

PS Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Michelle WinnyMichelle Winny

With a combination of news, products and feature articles, Michelle provides up-to-wire commentary on new technology and legislation. Coupled with in depth coverage for specifiers and purchasers of electronic components and equipment, Michelle brings everything within the electronics market directly to her readers.