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Innovations in lighting 

13 March 2012 08:04:00 Categories: Comment

Developing innovations in lighting that are non-power intensive is a high-priority on any lighting application list. A solution that offers a low-voltage HB-LED for Li+ battery operated systems and that responds to these power budget needs.

The ten-year anniversary edition of the Embedded World exhibition and conference that took place in Nuremberg at the end of February proved that embedded technology is indeed a lucrative market that is delivery some astounding results.

Once again power comes into focus with a power efficient transmitter for the broadcast industry.

The latest power products such as a new synchronous buck regulator for dual-cell Li-Ion applications.

FPGA technology has featured regularly in the trade press recently and in this issue there is a focus on FPGA technology and how to use this to develop low power, high-performance devices.


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