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Toshiba's new SOI process improves RF switch ICs

Toshiba has improved the characteristics of their silicon on insulator (SOI) process technology for RF switch /LNA ICs. The process, known as TaRFSOI (Toshiba RF SOI) SOI-CMOS (silicon on insulator ... more

Marvell and Analog Devices work together to augment 5G radio solutions

Analog Devices and Marvell have announced a technology collaboration, leveraging Marvell’s 5G digital platform and ADI’s wideband RF transceiver technology to deliver fully optimised solutions for 5G ... more
RF & Microwave

Octavo Systems introduces its latest SoC to simplify design

Octavo Systems has expanded its support of the OSD32MP15x System in Package with a production release at speeds up to 800MHz, and two new development boards.

The OSD32MP15x System in Package has ... more

Component Design

Winbond TrustME Secure Flash Memory achieves PSA Certified Level 2 Ready

Winbond has announced that the TrustME W75F Secure Flash Memory has achieved PSA Certified Level 2 Ready in the PSA Certified independent security assurance scheme. The TrustME W75F Secure Flash ... more

Red Pitaya launches the STEMlab 250-12

Red Pitaya has launched a high-end STEMlab platform - STEMlab is a test and measurement environment designed to provide a low-cost alternative to many expensive measurement and control instruments. ... more
Test & Measurement

Enhancing embedded cyber defences with Nexus' crypto key

Direct Insight introduces its latest system-on-module, the TRITON-TX8M

Nexus Industrial Memory is now supplying the new CryptoAuthentication line of memory tokens. The line comprises four products; the IAT4.5Kb, the IAX4.5Kb, the IAT10.5Kb and the IAX10.5Kb. All are ... more
Direct Insight has launched the TRITON-TX8M, a SODIMM-format SoM based on NXP’s powerful, cost-effective i.MX8M Mini Quad Arm Cortex-A53 processor that features four 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 cores ... more

Power Integrations' BridgeSwitch IC gets an upgrade

Power Integrations has announced that its BridgeSwitch integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor-driver IC family has been expanded, and now supports applications requiring up to 400W. BridgeSwitch ICs ... more

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