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Futurescope: A well managed adventure

Published: 23 August 2013 - Michelle Winny

Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics visits Futurescope in Poitier, France to investigate how the latest in facility management is taking control of the park’s sophisticated electronic equipment

It is crucial for many industrial systems to run with tight control to ensure ongoing reliability in order to deliver the best performance capabilities. This is especially so when the user experience is held in the highest of regard as is the case in industries such as leisure and entertainment.

This is certainly the case for futuristic theme park, Futurscope, based in Poitier, France, where the target objective is to deliver availability of 99 percent of the attractions 100 percent of the time, ensuring any maintenance required on the attractions is carried out discretely and with minimal disruption to the visitor experience. In this situation any equipment downtime must be handled and repaired or replaced with optimum efficiency. However with a facility of this size, the need for an appropriate maintenance system is paramount.

The park offers visitor attractions based on multimedia, cinematography, audio visual techniques and innovative robotics. All of the park’s attractions and surrounding environment are handled by Dikeos, a management service provider.

In order to meet its objective of handling ongoing maintenance issue with great immediacy, the company selected the Carl Source CMMS from French publisher Carl Software in 2012 to respond to all technical tasks, including preventive & corrective maintenance, regulatory maintenance, inventory, planning, budget monitoring, subcontractors management and mobile maintenance.  This CMM system offers the company total control of all of its activities to the keep the park running at optimum capacity.

The system has been enlisted to manage over 16400 listed items of equipment, work intervention traceability, along with performance analysis measures to improve preventative maintenance and optimisation of regulatory maintenance that is required for running of the site.

The key aspect here is the Carl Source software management system from Carl Software, which is the company’s flagship product and is claimed as one of the first programs devoted to Computer-aided Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

This is essentially a modular software maintenance package that is adaptable and is available in a number of industry-specific versions: Factory (industrial and technical equipment), Facility (buildings and real estate), Healthcare (hospitals), Transport (buses, light railways, trains, infrastructures).


The latest release is the company’s CARL Source 4, offering four configuration levels (Smart, Expert, Enterprise and Corporate).

The company has also now released Carl Touch which is a mobile solution for technicians that is available for use via a smartphone or tablet. This is ideal for use out in the field.

The management company selected to trial Carl Software’s new touch mobile application with the goal of achieving a much quicker response time for technical teams in carrying out work interventions.

This solution aims to reconcile field technicians with the CMMS, while allowing better supervision of maintenance activities for managers.

The platform offers simplicity of use so little training is required with easy navigation at the touch of a finger.

It can replace lengthy reports with its multimedia capabilities combining native speech recognition, text, photos, videos, and audio recording.

The application is always available, even with no 3G or WiFi networks. As soon as a network is located all information will synchronise without any action of the technician.

This platform can be installed on an Android Smartphone or a digital tablet, and deployed on any new material without any technical intervention, simply by scanning the installation bar code.

In constant contact with the back office, the technician may seek assistance at any time (call for an expert, display of technical drawing documentation etc). Alerts and messages help them to manage their work more effectively.

CARL Touch offers the guarantee to maintenance managers of keeping track of their field technicians in real time. It also allows quicker task scheduling and optimising of the technician’s work through geolocation.

The company is planning further upgrades to its mobile solution with the launch of Carl Touch 5.

This is a versatile platform that is being rapidly deployed across a vast array of industrial sectors. It is able to provide the vital link between inventory, equipment and the engineer, offering a backend maintenance facility optimising running efficiency.

Carl Software

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