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VSDs supplied to MRC lab

Vacon has supplied 67 drives from the Vacon 100 HVAC range to the new Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology building currently being built on the Biomedical Campus in Cambridge.... more

New gearbox proves better than a repair for brickmaker

The world’s largest brick manufacturer is reaping the benefits of a new gearbox from SEW Eurodrive following the break down of an old one that was manufactured over 40 years agoWhen large industrial ... more

Seal the deal

The latest developments in seal technology are helping to improve the operating life and reliability, as well as reducing the lifetime costs, of industrial and process pumps. Phil Burge, ... more

Energy efficiency takes a major step forward

The newly developed MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive system from SEW-EURODRIVE is enabling system operators to increase energy efficiency while also reducing operating costsSaving energy is not only an ... more

Realising the potential of wind power

Developments in component technology are reducing the weight, frictional losses, energy consumption and maintenance costs of wind turbines. Phil Burge, communication manager for SKF explainsBoth OEMs ... more

Greener than you think

Mitsubishi Electric’s Jeff Whiting points out that controlling the power consumption of motors is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the energy saving benefits of variable speed drives (... more

Energy savings in a spin thanks to AFE technology

Thomas Broadbent & Sons, a UK developer and supplier of solid liquid separation equipment, is now using Vacon AC variable speed drives with active front end (AFE) technology to recover up to 90% ... more

An SOS to European OEMs

Robin Cowley of Baldor is concerned that a lack of education and awareness amongst EU OEMs regarding imminent legislation covering electric motor efficiency levels, will leave organisations ... more

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