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Flow taking orders for its revolutionary electricity-generating boiler

Published: 14 January 2016 - Lisa Peake

Flow boiler package reduces household energy bills by a fixed £960 a year as part of innovative deal. Deal includes provision of competitive home energy, saving customers up to an additional £434 a year

UK energy innovation and services company Flowgroup (Flow) has opened orders for its ground-breaking, electricity-generating boiler. The Flow boiler provides heating and hot water whilst also generating low cost, low carbon electricity for the household using its patented microCHP (Combined Heat and Power) technology. This electricity can be used in the home, instead of the customer having to buy electricity from a supplier, significantly reducing energy bills and household carbon emissions. 

‘Pays for itself’ package

The Flow boiler is available in an innovative package, bundled with home energy, where the customer effectively only pays for installation of the boiler, not the boiler itself. The Flow boiler costs £3,675 (inc. VAT at 5% and excluding installation). It can be bought at that price or financed over five years at a total cost, including interest, of £4,529.89.  However, the customer then receives a fixed reduction in their home energy bill of £80 a month every month for five years, with the total reduction after five years being £4,800 – more than the cost of the boiler, whichever payment method they choose. 

In order to receive this deal, customers must switch their home energy supply to Flow for five years. Flow’s home energy tariff linked to the boiler is one of the most competitive tariffs on the market.  On top of the saving mentioned above, Flow boiler customers will save up to an extra £434 a year compared to what they currently pay for their home energy, simply by switching to Flow. After five years, their boiler will continue to deliver up to £500 of benefit a year (the value of the electricity generated plus Feed-in Tariff payments) for its remaining lifetime.

Please see the table for a summary of the financial benefits.

MicroCHP boilers – the future of energy

Due to the significant cost savings they deliver, microCHP boilers are predicted to take a third of the European market by 2030, if this traditionally expensive technology can be reduced in price. The innovative Flow boiler is accelerating this timeframe with a product that is already up to 80% cheaper than other microCHP solutions and is set to reduce in price as volume increases.

The Flow boiler has the potential to revolutionise the energy and home heating industries. Every 500,000 Flow boilers installed offers the energy generating potential that is equivalent of one large central generator, offering a decentralised alternative to the current model of generation.

Tony Stiff, CEO of Flowgroup, explains Flow’s approach: “We know that customers want lower energy bills, and also that many people would like to be greener, without incurring additional expense. With this in mind, we’ve spent over 10 years and over £75m developing our ground-breaking, electricity-generating boiler. Not only does it reduce C02 emissions but also ‘pays for itself’ under our innovative launch packages, delivering significant financial savings for our customers. The Flow boiler is a unique way to lock in lower energy bills for the long term.  It’s a genuine revolution in the heating and energy industries.”

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