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ABB completes next step on subsea journey

Published: 10 November 2020 - Rachael Morling

ABB and OneSubsea, a Schlumberger Company, successfully complete world’s first full scale subsea Variable Speed Drive and compressor submerged string test.

Following ABB’s successful validation of the world’s first subsea technology power technology system last November, the company alongside OneSubsea, has conducted a new test demonstrating that 8-megawatt (MW) shaft power is available with one single Variable Speed Drive (VSD) connected to a compressor.
Utilising OneSubsea’s multiphase wet gas compressor (WGC6000) operating in a hydrocarbon loop, the test was conducted in a shallow water pit at OneSubsea’s facilities on Horsøy, off the coast of Bergen.
Per Erik Holsten, Managing Director of ABB in Norway said: “The integrated test proves that we have a robust and reliable high power subsea VSD for submerged pumps and compressors like OneSubsea’s WGC6000 and those from other manufacturers.”
Funded by industry partners Chevron, Total and Equinor, the test took place during the summer. With lockdown travel and social restrictions prevailing the teams at ABB and OneSubsea carried out much of the work remotely, culminating in a virtual event with over 100 attendees from around the world, witnessing the test. 
Holsten continued: “Our team rose to the challenges presented by the pandemic restrictions to enable this test to take place.”
By successfully completing this milestone, both ABB’s VSD and OneSubsea's multiphase compressor Have achieved Technology Readiness Level 5 (TRL5) and are ready to be deployed to the market. Together they offer a disruptive optimization of subsea processing and tie-backs.
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