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Building Management

Coping with Building Carbon

The carbon associated with a building’s lifecycle come from two main sources – ‘operational carbon’ and ‘embodied carbon’. Operational carbon refers to emissions that arise from providing heating, ... more

VolDECs – the solution to the landlord and tenant energy split

There’s a growing need for those responsible for buildings to monitor and manage their energy use better - whether it’s because of the commercial bottom line, the ‘push’ of government legislation and ... more

Database verus file system for data storage

Database management is not a new concept. The cultures in antiquity who mastered their inventory tracking had a distinct advantage over those who didn’t. Database management has not always been ... more

Opower expands platform to improve utility customer experience

Opower, providing cloud-based software for the utility industry, has unveiled the next generation of its customer engagement platform, Opower 6. The expanded platform, which includes a new Customer ... more

Taking building energy management into the clouds

Daintree Networks, working in open wireless smart building solutions for enterprise control and energy management, has launched an industry-first offering that merges cloud-based computing with ... more

Sensor/Cloud based Lifestyle Systems to accelerate the growth of Smart Home networks

GreenPeak Technologies, the Smart Home semi-conductor/system company, has announced a family of new sensor and cloud based intelligent systems for Family Lifestyle integrated with Social Media. The ... more

Bentley University cuts carbon footprint and reduces electricity consumption by 10% using Infor EAM

Located near Boston, Massachusetts, Bentley University is dedicated to preparing a new kind of business leader—one with the deep technical skills, broad global perspective, and high ethical standards ... more
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