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Dozens of offshore wind jobs created

Published: 14 November 2019 - Carly Wills

A major contract to keep hundreds of Vattenfall’s wind turbines operational and safe has been awarded to east coast offshore wind services provider 3sun Group.

Up to 30 new jobs will be created to service the largest contract in the history of the Great Yarmouth-based business.

3sun Group, which already employs 200 technicians, will carry out statutory inspections across the Swedish energy group’s 50 onshore and offshore windfarms in five countries - the UK, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Danielle Lane, Vattenfall’s UK country manager, said: “Vattenfall is delighted to sign up 3sun Group, not just because it’s a great Norfolk business benefiting from our strong presence in the region, but also because the deal offers a great export opportunity for a leading UK business.

“The offshore wind sector deal between industry and government commits to both growing the UK sector work force and exporting the UK’s expertise. We achieve both with this 3sun Group deal.”

3sun Group, last month acquired by energy company Worley, has between 15 and 25 per cent of the market in offshore wind inspection services, installation and maintenance in Europe and the UK. It is currently inspecting more than 70 per cent per cent of the UK’s offshore wind turbines and has installed more than 4000.

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