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Energy audit tool launched

Published: 6 November 2019 - Carly Wills

DNV GL has developed an energy audit tool to easily audit multiple business sites and help customers save money by optimising existing technologies, such as lighting, ventilation, air control and server rooms. 

The new tool comes at a critical time for many countries, as the Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EU EED) deadline approaches on 5 December 2019.

The legislation requires all large enterprises based in the European Union - with at least 250 employees, or annual revenues over €50m and an annual balance sheet of over €43m - to comply with the national energy audit obligation, including calculating their total energy consumption and identifying saving opportunities across their estate, every four years. 

Organisations with multiple operations across Europe must meet the legislative requirements of every Member State they operate in. All 28 countries have their own specific audit requirements, often only available in local language, which makes achieving compliance difficult. DNV GL has previously warned that 45,000 businesses risk fines of up to €1m, if they fail to comply with Article 8 by the deadline.

To help companies attain compliance more easily, DNV GL’s new tool automatically calculates energy balances and energy saving opportunities, using an algorithm to calculate average energy use in case of missing data, and allow for easy benchmarking. Today, energy audits rely on manual reports, often carried out by different auditors across multiple sites, which can have an impact on consistency. Using the new tool, best practices can be identified and shared across multiple sites, maximising the value of the energy audit. 

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