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Production Engineering

A broad view of the impact of Artificial Intelligence on remanufacturing

The advancement and utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to make a similar impact in the 4th Industrial Revolution we are currently experiencing as Henry Ford’s assembly line did ... more

Fascia reduces carbon footprint with second servo-driven cylinder press

After becoming the first manufacturer in the UK to invest the Sakurai MS80-SD in 2012, Fascia Graphics, has invested in a second machine. As a result, the company advises it will benefit from further ... more

Lining systems ensure smooth running of sludge to fuel plant

The Daldowie Fuel Plant, commissioned in 2002 and operated by SMW, a subsidiary of ScottishPower, is one of the largest sludge drying centres in Europe. It processes sludge from hundreds of ... more

Water saving washrooms

Keri Reynolds, marketing manager at PHS Washrooms, explains that saving water at work is a way for companies to save time, money and energy, and to achieve environmental targetsMuch of today’s ... more

Product design the eco-friendly way

Tsubaki is helping its customers reduce the environmental burden of their operations and improve economic efficiency via a new approach to product design and developmentTsubaki’s new Eco & Eco ... more

A protocol with potential

What are the benefits of using ‘experts’ to assist with energy efficiency?

ProSoft Technology explain exactly what IEC 61850 is and what it can offer the energy industryIEC 61850 is an emerging protocol for the energy industry. Unlike earlier protocols, the technical ... more
In business these days you can always find experts across many sectors who promise to provide the answers you need to be more productive or profitable. Some so-called experts may add value to your ... more

Time to update cooling techniques

Data centres are one of the biggest consumers of energy. With cooling technology typically representing 45% of overall data centre running costs, plus sustained energy price rises, it’s clear that ... more

    The holy grail of power generation

    Carlo Battain of Parker KV explains the many aspects of engineering that are involved in the quest for clean, efficient power generationPower generation is the fundamental technology that keeps the ... more

    New investment cuts steam wastage

    Following testing at its headquarters in Italy, Energhe, a developer of energy efficient projects for the Ferrero Group, has made Thermal Energy International’s GEM venturi orifice steam traps its ... more

    Finding out what’s important

    Automation provider, System Devices, explain how organisations can best manage energy use in order to make the smart grid work for them.Is your company’s electrical energy usage important to you? ... more

    Modernised bottle transfer line saves energy

    SEW-EURODRIVE has modernised the PET transport line for Coca-Cola Hellenic in Vienna, reducing energy use by 75%Reducing energy consumption is one of the most important requirements today when ... more
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