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Remeha provides high performance heating for Bath Almshouse

Published: 23 December 2015 - Lisa Peake

Two Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro 4-section condensing boilers have been installed at St John’s Hospital’s Combe Park Almshouse in Bath as part of a system redesign to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of the heating and hot water provision throughout its 54 individual flats and communal areas.

Founded in 1174, St John’s Hospital is a registered charity providing sheltered accommodation and domiciliary care for vulnerable, elderly Bath residents. The award-winning Combe Park is the latest addition to the Charity’s portfolio of Almshouses.

Almshouses have a high demand for heating and hot water generation. At Combe Park, the existing heating system struggled to meet these requirements as the boilers had been undersized for the heat demand due to an insufficient volume of gas supply. Additionally, the system was unable to deliver adequate heating and hot water simultaneously as the primary hot water was also designed to generate the domestic hot water.

B.J.P Consulting Group Ltd specified replacing the failing boilers and hot water storage tank with two Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro 4-section condensing boilers supported by two direct gas-fired water heaters in a system designed to achieve reliable heating and ample, instantaneous hot water for the Combe Park residents. “We have been using Remeha boilers for the last five years,” said BJP. “Our recommendation was due to the high performance and reliability of the products and the service Remeha Commercial provides.”

Having improved the gas pressure by increasing the gas pipework, the challenge for R.V. Services, the contractor, was to transport the new equipment to the roof top plant room. Thanks to the small dimensions and lightweight design of the Remeha boilers, the passenger lift could be used to take them to the top floor of the building, saving labour time and costs.

The final stage was to lift the boilers up the last staircase and into the plant room with a pulley system. The flexible siting options and reduced footprint of the boilers helped overcome the issues of restricted space, low ceiling and limited head room within the plant room.

“The Remeha boilers are small and compact and relatively low in height, making them the perfect installation for this project,” said BJP.

With the new heating and hot water system running smoothly and efficiently, the residents at Combe Park are benefitting from a reliably warm and comfortable environment whilst St John’s Hospital can look forward to significant energy and carbon savings in the months ahead.

Craig Ellam, Facilities Manager at St John’s Hospital, said: “We are delighted that at last these systems are fully functional so that our residents can enjoy life without the worry of insufficient hot water or of not being warm enough in their flats or community rooms. And the bonus is the cost savings involved.”

The Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro Range offers high efficiencies and ultra-low carbon and NOx emissions for energy-saving, environmentally-friendly heating and hot water delivery. The small footprint and ability to be installed back-to-back makes them ideally suited for modular configurations.; E:; T: 0118 978 3434

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