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Add Is my skill going to be automated? Am I still going to be relevant to the workplace in five years?
Event Type: Exhibition
Location: London
Event Date: 31/01/2019
Event Time: All day

Have your employees asked you these questions?

Automation of high output low yield activities has major implications for improving operational excellence and productivity across all sectors. But employee buy-in is critical to the success of the technologies. The Productivity Summit in London on 31st January 2019 addresses not only how RPA and Artificial Intelligence is improving operations but also how to upskill employees for higher value tasks, and maintain their buy-in throughout implementation.

At the Productivity Summit, Investec’s Head of Continuous Learning, Lucrecia Grandolini, will look at how to address employee concerns about skillset redundancy and which change-management practices were the most successful when Investec adopted new systems. Astra Zeneca’s VP IMED Operations, Penny James, will look at the implementation and impact of automation in a pharmaceutical setting and Dr Hamid Mughal, Global Director of Manufacturing at Rolls-Royce Plc will discuss applications of automation and other technologies for productivity gains in manufacturing.

Business leaders from Twitter, Team Sky, Unilever and Atkins will also be presenting at the summit, covering how to maintain employee engagement in the face of change, and help employees find their purpose in a rapidly changing workplace. 

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