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DHF offers free course accreditation to mark ‘safety month’ in October

Published: 7 October 2020 - Victoria White

With Gate Safety Month traditionally taking precedence throughout the month of October for Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has now announced a huge drive for increased safety for all automated products this month.

Subsequently, it is marking the month of October by offering free upgrades to course accreditation for all one-day face-to-face and Distance Learning Programme (DLP) Level 2 Award training courses throughout the month, waiving the normal fee of £50.  The accreditation upgrade is an automatic upgrade for all one-day courses taken during October; two-day diploma courses will be upgraded for the first day only, the second day of two-day courses can be upgraded for an additional fee.

DHF continues to offer the only Ofqual-accredited theory-based gates and industrial door courses in the UK.  Its one-day course has been accredited since July 2019 and has been extremely popular with installers wishing to enlist on either the automated gate or industrial and garage door training programmes.  It is proud to offer ABBE-accredited courses for Automated Gate & Traffic Barrier and Industrial & Garage Door training courses; the Level 2 Awards provide the learner with formal qualifications that complement the NVQ but do not replace it. 

“DHF’s raison d'être is to raise standards and advance safety", explains DHF’s Head of Commercial Operations, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens.  “Specialised accreditation confirms the quality of an educational programme that prepares for entry into a recognised profession.  Its purpose is the improvement of academic quality and a competent workforce.  The free accreditation upgrade is an invaluable appendage for installation engineers and also demonstrates an employer’s commitment to safety.” 

DHF are renowned industry wide as experts in technical knowledge, training and education.  Offering free accreditation during October underpins the federation’s continuing commitment to advancing safety.

Course bookings for all face-to-face and DLP courses can be made online at 

Source: Industrial Compliance

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