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Fire Safety

DHF supports - and leads - at autumn fire, safety and security events

Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has announced it will be taking part in a number of key industry events in the autumn more

Are we prioritising energy efficiency over building resilience and business continuity?

In a post-Covid world, the need to consider the overall sustainability of the built environment in order to make sure we build and renovate in a low carbon and circular way more

Why active fire protection must play a role in sustainability

In a post-Covid world, governments are being urged by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) to implement deep building renovation and performance standards for newly constructed buildings more

WMC believe a better understanding of fire-resistant cables will improve building safety

Wrexham Mineral Cables (WMC) says now is the time to focus and understand the pivotal role they play in building safety, before more lives are put at risk more

Two unsprinklered factory fires, same outcome: two destroyed buildings

In early April, when industrial fires broke out in two different locations, they both had the same devastating outcome more

Cable pathways regulatory landscape made easier thanks to guide

53 per cent of fire safety professionals have seen an increase in fire door wedging

A new guide that outlines the key updates relating to cable pathways has been launched by Legrand UK & Ireland, following updates to a number of key industry regulations more
Results from a survey found that 53% of fire safety professionals have seen an increase in fire doors being wedged open since the start of the pandemic more

A quarter of UK businesses do not understand potential changes to fire safety legislation, new survey reveals

Commercial awareness around potential changes to fire safety regulations is lacking across the UK more

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