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New safety module for sensorless standstill detection of drive systems

If a machine or system is expected to produce potentially hazardous overtravel movements, a combination of safety interlock on the guard and standstill monitor in the switch cabinet can provide the ... more

Exciting updates to Sirena’s M-Line sounder beacon range bring greater versatility and functionality

Distributed by Switchtec, Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons and sounders truly represents the state of the art in signalling. Important updates have been introduced to the range that expand its ... more

The future of British and Irish manufacturing

Will Britain and Ireland’s industrial estates be swarming with robots and automated machines in the near future, replacing thou­sands of assembly jobs? That is unlikely, but real change in automation ... more

FP 70 Smooth Flow Pump – Low in Pulsation, High in Efficiency

KNF is bringing some much-needed calm to the world. By adding the FP 70 to its Smooth Flow liquid pump family, KNF is addressing the market need for pumps with lower pulsation.

The new product ... more

Staropramen digitalises warehouse processes and reduces errors with ZetesMedea

Staropramen, the well-known Czech beer brand, has selected Zetes’ advanced warehouse execution solution ZetesMedea, to streamline its operations and improve safety in its warehouse.

As the second ... more

Increase maintenance safety with top lockout procedures and custom shadowboards

Bender UK expands with new business unit in Ireland

Let experienced Brady engineers to write and implement custom Lockout/Tagout procedures for more maintenance safety. Make safety top of mind in the workplace and optimise Lockout/Tagout efficiency ... more
A new Bender team has been formed in Ireland to support increased demand for its products and services in the region.

Bender Ireland is a business unit of Bender UK. The UK team took over the ... more

Press force for battery cell production

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK delivered 333 pneumohydraulic drives to the Korean chemical giant LG Chem. The largest single order for TOX®-Powerpackages in the company's history also was a technical masterpiece:... more

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