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Ultra-Precise spring-loaded LVDT linear position sensors ensure proper operation of pneumatic cylinders

Pneumatic devices are used in material handling and processing systems to push, pull, lift, and close and open doors. They are also used to hold and remove materials and position pieces for manufacturing. Compressed air is used to move a pneumatic cylinder.  more
Sensors & Actuators

Microtonic Signs Agreement with DISTEK in Italy

Microtronic announces the appointment of DISTEK Microelectronics (Division of DISTEK Strumenti & Misure) as its representative throughout Italy.  more

European company granted US patent for nanodiamond-containing polymers

European company granted US patent for nanodiamond-containing polymers more

New approaches for hybrid solar cells

Using a new procedure researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Ludwig Maximillians University of Munich (LMU) can now produce extremely thin and robust, yet highly porous semiconductor layers.  more

High Resolution Position Sensor supports optimisation for greater accuracy or better dynamic responsiveness

Employing capacitance micrometry, the NX NanoSensor from Queensgate delivers sensitivity levels that are able to measure changes in position to an atomic scale. more
Sensors & Actuators

Imec advances drive current in vertical 3D NAND memory devices

Results on High Mobility InGaAs to Replace poly-Si as Channel Material Presented at IEDM 2015 more

Quant 3D introduces new, faster Q300 3D printer

Quant 3D, a division of OK International, which is an operating company of Dover Corporation, is pleased to introduce the new Q300 3D Printer. The Q300 offers improved printing speeds – 30% faster than the Q200 – and is available for immediate delivery. more
Micro & Nano Manufacturing & Applications

Physicists demonstrate a simpler method of magnetic vortex excitation

New discovery has potential to revolutionise spintronics by using less current – thus increasing battery life – in future electronic devices more

Microtonic Signs Agreement with DISTEK in Italy

Microtronic GmbH, a leading sales specialist of microelectronics, today announced the appointment of DISTEK Microelectronics (Division of DISTEK Strumenti & Misure) as its representative ... more

European company granted US patent for nanodiamond-containing polymers

European company Carbodeon has been granted a US patent for its technology which enables detonation-synthesised diamond particles (nanodiamonds) to be combined with polymers for use in fields such as ... more

Piezo based solutions for any positioning task.

Piezo ceramic drive concepts currently provide a suitable solution for practically every task in the field of precision positioning. The common factors in all of the concepts are the compact ... more

Hamamatsu New MEMS Micro-Spectrometer

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the latest development within its MEMS spectrometer range; the C12880MA, an ultra-compact, fingertip size spectrometer head offering wider spectral response and high ... more

3D Manufacture and 2D Measurement makes no sense

Alicona, an Austrian manufacturer of 3D non-contact optical measurement systems, provide traceable measurements of 3D components in the micron to millimetre range.

Based on a measurement technique ... more


Melexis’ disruptive technology results in unique magnetic latch/switch family with lateral sensitivity

New programmable micropower devices first in the industry to offer ASIL B automotive functional safety more

Unique laser sensor for glossy, coarse surfaces

Baumer announces the new innovative and compact multi-spot MESAX laser distance measuring sensor.  more

University of Glasgow project set to rocket into space

Scientists from the University of Glasgow are getting ready to see a decade’s worth of painstaking work launched into space. more

New developments at RocTool

Specialists in the design and development of technologies for rapid molding of composites and plastic injection more

3mm diameter inductive position sensor for miniature hydraulic F1 actuators

Micro-Epsilon is supplying a customised version of its 3mm diameter EDS inductive sensor to Moog Industrial Group more

The inertial MEMS device market keeps on growing.

In its latest report, Status of the MEMS Industry (Yole Développement, May 2015), Yole Développement (Yole) estimates that 14 billion devices were produced in 2015. more

Tanaka precious metals to mass-produce Cadmium-free electrical contact material

Tanaka Holdings announces that Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, has successfully developed CDF-10, a cadmium-free electrical contact material used primarily in vehicles and smartphones with improved sliding wear resistance. more

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