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Altera and TSMC announce industry-first, UBM-free WLCSP packaging technology platform

Published: 14 April 2015 - Marianne Evans

Altera and TSMC have announced the two companies have produced a UBM-free (under-bump metallisation-free) WLCSP (wafer-level chip scale package) technology that provides enhanced quality, reliability and integration for Altera’s MAX 10 FPGA products.

This approach results in an extremely thin package height of less than 0.5mm (including solder ball) that is ideal for applications where space is at a premium, such as sensor applications, small form-factor industrial equipment, and portable electronics.  Other benefits include a better than 200 percent improvement in board-level reliability compared to standard WLCSP, while enabling a large die size envelope and high package I/O count, targeting applications such as wireless LAN (WLAN) and power management ICs (PMIC).  Copper routing capability and inductor performance are also enhanced as a result of this breakthrough.

“Altera’s work with TSMC has produced a very advanced and integrated packaging solution for MAX 10 devices,” said Bill Mazotti, vice president of worldwide operations and engineering at Altera. “Leveraging this technology to improve integration, quality and reliability makes MAX 10 FPGA products more versatile and useful for our customers.”

Altera’s MAX 10 FPGA products revolutionize non-volatile integration by delivering advanced processing capabilities in a single-chip, small-form-factor programmable logic device. Building upon the single-chip heritage of previous MAX device families, densities range from 2K – 50K logic elements (LEs), using either single or dual-core voltage supplies.  MAX 10 FPGA devices are built on TSMC’s 55nm embedded NOR flash technology that enables instant-on functionality.

Altera is currently sampling MAX 10 FPGA products with the new WLCSP packaging.  There are 81-pin and 36-pin WLCSP packages available. 

“Our decades-long technology collaboration with Altera continues to produce dramatic results such as this UBM-free packaging innovation,” said David Keller, executive vice president, TSMC North America. “Continuous improvement in all areas from design, to manufacturing, to packaging is our shared goal and commitment, and we look forward to many more years of working closely with Altera.”

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