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New Traceable data logging Ethernet thermometers provide another option for connectivity

When Ethernet is the preferred technology for IoT connectivity, customers now have that option with the new Traceable Data Logging Ethernet Thermometers Compatible with TraceableLive Cloud-Based ... 

Westermo enhances WeConnect service to provide more reliable and secure connection to remote equipment

Cloud-based VPN solution simplifies robust, resilient and secure IIoT applications.

With huge investment in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) predicted over the next decade, robust, ... 

ODU-MAC Modular Connectors

ODU Connectors announce a major expansion of their ODU-MAC modular connector range – the result of technology transfer from their pedigree in military connectors – now incorporated into this ... 

Softing demonstrates expertise and solutions for Industry 4.0 and introduces new product families

Under the “integrating” catchphrase, Softing will introduce solutions for digital data exchange for Industry 4.0 applications within new product families at the SPS IPC Drives 2016 show. Products for ... 

Systems integration for Industry 4.0 - The latest trends and challenges in systems integration

Believe it or not, our world is getting smaller every day. Never before have remote locations been more accessible thanks to communications technology, smartphones and the internet. Connected devices ... 

New 4511 local operator interface instantly enables digital communication

CC-Link membership booms as interest in open networks grows

The new detachable 4511 interface allows you to communicate digitally with all PR electronics system 4000 and 9000 devices – and you can even access the units remotely with the ... 
The CC-Link Partners Association (CLPA) is reporting a boom in membership, with strong growth continuing throughout 2013.Total membership is approaching the 2,000 mark, making the CLPA one of the ... 

Unlocking the profit in your pocket

The chemical and energy sectors generate enormous data on a daily basis, and managing this data in context is essential to make better and faster real-time decisions. Marty Moran, manufacturing ... 

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