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Could recycling meet your water needs?

With the right choice of treatment technologies, and a careful cost-benefit analysis, reusing water can increase your industrial operation’s profits. Mark Bosley of SUEZ Water Purification Systems explains... 

New Automated Filters Launched by Eclipse Magnetics

Eclipse Magnetics is pleased to announce the launch of the new Autofiltrex range of cost effective, automated filters. Available in three different sizes with features including fully automated ... 

Purity of water – a consideration of distillation

Distillare – to trickle down in minute drops. By Dr J J Lock and Dr J Bates

A little over 1,800 years ago Alexander of Aphrodisias described the process of water distillation as the condensing and ... 

Hi-Line relocates to larger production facility

Hi-line Industries Ltd has moved into a new, larger production facility in order to meet growing demand for its range of highly efficient compressed air purification equipment. The new premises is ... 

Pioneering filtration technique captures ‘elusive 80%’ of solids

The European process industry now has access to a pioneering form of thermal fluid filtration technology, capable of removing the 80% of particulate matter too small to be captured by conventional ... 

Fileder offers new filter housing with free cartridges

WPL wins three Scottish Water framework contracts

Process filtration and water treatment specialists Fileder Filter Systems are extending their product range to include a heavy duty water filter housing that has its own built-in bypass.

The ‘Big ... 

Package treatment plant specialist WPL has won three contracts with public utility Scottish Water after a competitive procurement process. The Hampshire-based company will supply submerged aeration ... 

Why industry needs to redefine solids filtration and biological control in process water

Steve Cupples, managing director of process water filtration engineering firm Industrial Purification Systems (IPS), together with John A Lewis, microbiologist and group director of Waterman ... 

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