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Aucotec Ltd
Address:DBS Centre,
Main Street,
Tel:+44 1162 325161
Fax:+44 1162 325162
Website: www.aucotec.com

AUCOTEC is a German software company whose sole focus is on developing software systems and complementary consultancy for planning and operating electrical engineering and process automation plants.

Apart from our head office in Hanover, AUCOTEC has further development centres in Frankfurt and Konstanz as well as three regional sales and support subsidiaries in Germany. Our international success is based on our own subsidiaries in Austria, Italy and Chicago as well as on a global network of longstanding sales partners whose competence offers our customers' worldwide support.

Our products have been on the market for over 20 years. More than 20,000 designers world-wide, in companies that set the highest standards for their tools, use our software to increase their productivity. All of our products are characterised by flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of our customers. They take into account country specific standards and are designed as open systems. One hundred percent upward compatibility of data and the possibility of archiving in process-independent formats; ensures that your project documentation is secure and will be available in the future.

We offer our customers a competent advisory service; from system installation via user helpdesk, a complete program of seminars, up to in-house training and project coaching. Our customer support is widely acknowledged by our customers as 'First Class'.

Our corporate vision 'Let's make engineering easy!' supports you in achieving your goals in an efficient and uncomplicated way. From this we have evolved the quality maxim of our company: 'Constant improvement of our products by continual dialog with our customers'.

AUCOTEC Ltd. is based in the Midlands at Castle Donington near East Midlands Airport for easy access to the whole of the UK. Customers are welcome to visit our facilities for demonstrations and seminars. AUCOTEC Ltd. provides excellent support and service for our UK customers in line with AUCOTEC’s unrivalled Worldwide reputation. We have been active in the UK for over 15 years with a large customer base from a diverse range of sectors including Power Generation, Defence, Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Facilities management, Scientific Research, Electrical System builders, and General Plant Maintenance. UK Customers include Siemens, Saftronics, BPX, ADM Milling, Unistrut, and many others.

The AUCOTEC Group offers not only electrical CAD software but complete solutions. This means that we offer our customers a tailor-made general solution for their individual task.


Tailor-made customer solutions: AUCOTEC offers more than just software
The AUCOTEC Group offers not only electrical CAD software but complete solutions. This means that we offer our customers a tailor-made general solution for their individual task. Our products are designed such that integration into the existing infrastructure can be achieved easily and comprehensively. Thus the customer's workflow – even if highly specialized – is optimally supported. The solution portfolio is not restricted to programming the API interfaces present in the AUCOTEC products. The AUCOTEC Group moreover increasingly implements the standardization of data and its optimization.


Workflow optimization in the fore
The range of services offered by the company clarifies the unique trend towards integrative solutions during the past years. This means that apart from the standardized training courses and instructions for the products, the customers expect special services adapted to their needs. Here it is not the product – Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN or AUCOPLAN – that dominates; rather the customer's workflow and its optimization are the driving forces in this process. Due to the increasingly tough competition the customers clearly feel that there is a cost reduction potential in the optimization of the workflow whose potential has not yet been exploited. In this context one should automate interfaces to neighbouring systems and optimize processes, thereby reducing the projecting times.


Long-standing experience
The AUCOTEC Group can exploit its competence and experience in all of these fields. For 10 years we have been offering our customers this kind of services. Full service requires full competence. This is ensured by AUCOTEC. All AUCOTEC products are equipped with components that warrant integration capability. The know-how of the staff completes the capacities. All these areas together ensure that our customers achieve their goals within the agreed period of time. Here the AUCOTEC maxim holds: Let's make engineering easy!

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