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Able Instruments & Controls
Address:Cutbush Park,
Danehill, Lower Earley,
Tel:0118 9311188
Fax:0118 931 2161
Website: www.able.co.uk

ABLE Instruments & Controls Ltd was founded to fill the void created by the rigid supply nature of process control instrumentation manufacturers and the limited support capability exhibited by traditional representative organisations. The experience of the company founder and CEO whilst working within both types of organisation and, more importantly, the frustration customers experienced when seeking bespoke solutions to their measurement requirements, directly led to the formation of the company in 1985.

ABLE has built its success on these principles, realising the original concept of its foundation. We are now in the third decade of operation and the ability and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers continues to drive our growth.

ABLE’s primary vision is to provide instrumentation and control systems for the Process, Research and Environmental Industries by applying the most suitable available technology for any given application – to supply solutions, not just products.

With access to a comprehensive range of instrument technologies, from the traditional to the very latest, ABLE can offer the best available solution to meet the demands of the measurement. We pride ourselves on the ability to effect comprehensive engineering and support capability throughout the process and over the lifetime of the equipment.

ABLE’s objectives are now augmented by the construction of a state of the art training facility at their Reading headquarters. The purpose built rig offers a truly unique process environment for high impact, hands-on training, a platform for customer equipment demonstration and a matchless showcase for our partner companies.


ABLE’s measurement portfolio and in-house competencies include:

  • Flow                                                     
  • Level
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Gas Detection
  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Density
  • Liquid Analysis
  • Light
  • Weight
  • Project Management
  • System Integration
  • Technical Service Support
  • Training

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