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Power Continuity
Address:Power Continuity Systems,
Power Continuity House,
81 Spinney Hill,
DE73 8LX
Tel:0845 055 8455
Website: http://www.powercontinuity.co.uk/

PowerContinuity have over 25 years experience of design, supply, and installing UPS systems & Diesel Generators; fully automatic power protection systems.

Power Protection Systems for REAL PowerContinuity; is all we do.




Power Continuity power protect the most well known companies in the UK. Our customers range from multinationals , banking corporations, hospitals,  to scattered remote sites. Organisations in both the private and public sector ranging local councils to major banks and hospitals all depend on power protection systems designed, built and installed by Power Continuity Systems.


The security of supply can no longer be taken for granted.

It's your power, protect it. Ensure your Power Continuity is 100%.

We’re here to ensure your business remains operational,24-7 365 days.



Every day our power protection systems protect the mission critical operations of major financial institutions that are handling  billions of transactions securely and reliably every minute of every hour of every day.


That’s over 16 million UK end users have some part of their daily activities covered by Power Protection systems designed and installed by PowerContinuity Systems across the UK.


Power Continuity Systems is the trading name of Power Continuity Ltd.

systems designed, built and installed by Power Continuity Systems.





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