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Supplier brings the widest range of linear actuators to the UK

Published: 21 April 2021 - Victoria White

Linear actuator supplier, Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) remains a Specialist Distributor of advanced linear motion and actuation products, designed and manufactured by Ewellix. Formerly known as SKF Motion Technologies, Ewellix manufactures components for a wide range of applications including medical equipment, factory automation and automotive manufacturing, and their extensive product line is available in the UK from EMS.

Ewellix manufactures the widest range of linear motion solutions available including actuators, control units and telescopic pillars. Following a successful restructure, it changed its name and branding in 2019 to emulate its position as a linear motion specialist with a high-level focus on supporting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in tackling technical and commercial challenges.

Ewellix’s linear motion and actuation products are designed with the user in mind, with an emphasis on reliability, seeking to improve machine performance and reduce downtime. The new company ethos marks a shift towards a faster, more efficient response to the needs of OEMs and the opportunity to apply innovative thinking to consistently develop new solutions to industry problems.

OEMs rely on economies of scale to produce high-quality products as cost-efficiently as possible. Ewellix’s actuation solutions are designed to meet these needs by boosting productivity, energy efficiency and user safety, which in turn contributes to increased profitability.

“EMS have been specialising in linear and rotary actuation systems for over 35 years. The continuity provided by our ongoing relationship with Ewellix, together with our own well-established design and manufacturing facility, gives us a privileged position in the UK market,” explained Dave Walsha, sales manager at EMS Ltd.

“With experience supplying actuation systems to a range of UK industries, from medical technology and building automation, to automation and robotics, our extensive knowledge of the Ewellix product range and actuation principles in general, puts us in good stead to advise on the best product for each specific application, no matter the complexity.

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